Methods of Sale

Methods of Sale

Set Sale

This is a modern selling process designed to achieve a sale in the first 30 days with a 90% success rate if the rules are followed. Set Sale is an extension of Buyer's Guide selling with the following major improvements:
* an independent valuation is obtained and a recommended buyer inquiry range is established;
* a concentrated and unique three to four week intensive promotional campaign is undertaken, to ensure all possible buyers are reached;
* a closing date for offers is established to create a sense of urgency to spur hesitant buyers into action;
* during the sale period, buyers can either make a formal offer prior to the date, or, alternatively, register their interest. In this case we will contact all the registered buyers prior to the Set Sale date;
* each buyer may have only one opportunity to make their offer. Therefore, everyone puts in their best offer first, or risks being beaten by a higher offer;
* as the seller, you have the luxury of being able to choose the most appealing offer at the end of the Set Sale period; and
* it allows for conditional contracts unlike most auctions.

Buyer's Guide

This is designed to set a buyer inquiry range rather than a fixed price to attract all possible buyers, more offers and a faster sale at the best price. Buyers look at the bottom and top of the range then assume the middle. Our job is to help you obtain the best price for your property through the negotiation process. It is then up to you, the vendor, to accept or refuse this offer. If the range is right, it is extremely successful. The main negative is that there is no closing date to prompt buyers into action and create more competition.


Auction is well suited to highly sought-after properties such as beachfront or unique properties. There is a definite date to which prospective purchasers will be aiming. There is no 'Price Tag' restriction. The reserve price is a safety net and the vendor has right of refusal on any bid. The result is an unconditional contract on the vendor's terms. There is usually a four week, intensive lead-up marketing campaign for this strategy.

Silent or Discreet

This is a good way to start selling if you are not in a hurry. With this approach the buyer knows the determined price right from the start. The sales team has the benefit of feed back from buyers as to their perception of the property's value in the market place before a full marketing campaign commences. Advertising is minimal with only three internet web sites and qualified buyer prepared lists.
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